The Licensee: Eric Huang

The Licensee – Eric Huang – Publishing Director, Media and Entertainment at Penguin Books

eric-huangWhy do you buy licenses? 

We buy licenses because licensed brands, whether they come from TV or films or from apps on mobile devices, represent some of the most beloved stories and characters for kids. As the number 1 children’s publisher, we publish the books, apps and ebooks that kids want to read. Licensing and licensed characters are a major part of this programme, be they a Moshi Monsters app, a LEGO activity book with covermounted mini-figs or a Peppa Pig book and plush boxed set.

How does licensing help your business?
Licensing helps us keep up to date. It’s our connections within the wider licensing and media world that help us tap into the latest trends and the latest storytelling platforms. We learn so much from partners like Mind Candy, LEGO, Disney and eOne. Plus our licensed publishing programme is a significant part of our book, ebook and apps businesses!