Delhi 2010: delightful, stimulating and exhausting

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on December 13, 2010

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t the end of a long day I still can’t resist playing the pressured hack with a deadline to get a dispatch out before I have to leave. Owing to a story too long to tell at midnight, I’m spending my last few hours in Mumbai before flying home. I may get to enjoy the sea view from my 17th floor room at the Taj Mahal Palace for an hour in the morning when I awake. Still, it was worth it. The third licensing conference hosted by new LIMA local partners License India continued to build on the success of its predecessors. Two busy days saw mostly packed rooms hear from a range of speakers, including this writer and Marty Brochstein from LIMA USA, talk on a variety of topics prevalent in the licensing world.

Immediately evident was the growth of local licensing expertise. The Indian speakers showed a true grasp of this business, and delivered facts, case studies and views of the future with authority. Whilst all still advised patience, and the word ‘nascent’ was much utilised in relation to both licensing and the advent of a more developed ‘modern trade’ retail sector, there was an overall conviction that delivery was certain, and maybe sooner than previously thought. I ran into a venture capital firm’s representative, for whom licensing was a novelty, but, in a ten minute conversation I had him thinking about its benefits for his clients. Many such, Anand told me, were looking for points of difference for their products in a competitive market. This is one thing that licensing delivers in spades, of course.

I’ll give a fuller picture of the conference when I’m back in the UK. For now I’ll await the dawn and the sea. After two fourteen hour days I think even this tired licensing hack deserves to clock off.