Monthly Archive: April 2016

Keeping Up With Clean: Consumers Drive Brands in the Food Industry

It goes without saying that the needs of consumers and the roles that brands play to satisfy those needs intersect. Socially conscious consumerism is placing more and more demands on brands in all corners of business. Consumers want products and services produced responsibly.  This is particularly evident in the food industry, primarily driven by the “clean label movement.”  Influenced by


The Enduring Power of Real Superheroes

On the back of the premiere of the latest Warner Bros. movie, Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice, there has been much commentary as to whether or not this movie would live up to the expectation of its superhero predecessors.


What Can You Expect to Get Out of LIMA’s Mind Mix?

LIMA Mind Mix®: what can you expect to get out of the event? Have you ever had this common experience? Bring a bunch of people working in the licensing industry together in any given place, and you have a lively discussion about which property worked and why, where royalties are going, whether China is still the right place to manufacture,