Monthly Archive: September 2013

Movement in the Collegiate Sports Legal Battle

Shortly after EA Sports announced yesterday that it won’t develop its licensed college football game beginning next year – a major development in its own right – came the really big news that settlement papers had been filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California in the lawsuit by a raft of former collegiate athletes against EA Sports and the


One Direction proves that licensing is now a key part of pop music success

In the years preceding the 2012 London Olympics there was much speculation as to the content of the opening and closing ceremonies.  The debate was enlivened by the obvious fact that the UK could not afford the expenditure associated with the Beijing ceremonies from four years before.  I was not the only one who called for a concentration on British


Keynote Panel, Part 2: Dealing With Supply Chain Issues

A pair of tragedies in Bangladeshi apparel factories in November and April once again brought attention to the subject of how, where and under what conditions a wide variety of consumer products are manufactured. Supply chain has increasingly become a topic of conversation, whether concerning such social issues as worker safety and environmental impact (along with how the brands and