Monthly Archive: October 2012

Navigating Retail’s White Out

The term “white space” has long been used in business to refer to underserved markets or opportunities that fall outside of companies’ core focus areas. Identifying and seizing white space opportunities was once a lot easier, back when retailers stayed in their lanes and relied heavily on brand marketers for direction and differentiation. Today, it requires hitting a moving target,


Sector watch: Collegiate

Companies in the business of licensing collegiate logos and trademarks are increasingly trying to identify underserved niches in order to continue to grow this significant sector of the licensing business. According to results of LIMA’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, collegiate licensing generated $203 million in licensing royalty revenues in the U.S./Canada in 2011, up 3.6% from the $196 million generated


Retail’s “Nonzero” Game Plan

Lately, I’ve been glued to the “Content Connections” series that is running on Not only does it offer spot-on insight into content marketing best practices, but its implications and applications invariably extend beyond content strategy. Such was the case with a recent article by Sonia Simone called “How to Win a Zero-Sum Game: What to Do if Competitors Won’t