Monthly Archive: March 2012

“Computer Games and Merchandise. Surely not.”

We have heard this statement made by many people for many years. Merchandising around “computer game” brands could surely only be for the hardcore gamer and they are all spotty teenagers who sit in dark rooms and play with their mates. They are “Pizza Geeks” who drink coke and play games all night long. Right? Wrong – that is definitely


The Big Bridge

In retail, it can seem as though the movement from early adoption to the next big thing occurs at the speed of light. No sooner does a new product, innovation or technology hit the scene than version 2.0 is announced, beginning a quickening race to obsolescence. In many cases, however, transitions still drag on longer than anyone thought, particularly when


Misleading Indicators

Marketing spends, store openings and headcounts were long seen as indicators of retailer and marketer health; the more they went up, the better everything was going. Now, they’ve become the next-phase targets for driving less-is-more efficiency and agility, as many of the majors claim that they can cut and convert current resources without compromising their ambitious growth plans. Revolving Doors