Monthly Archive: December 2011

The Light Fund shares some good cheer for the festive season

On Wednesday evening the committee of The Light Fund met in London to agree final choices of which charities would receive money from the fund for 2011. For those of you unfamiliar, The Light Fund ( Licensing Industry Giving Help Together ) is the body we have here in the UK to raise money for charity. Indeed, as I write,


Earthshattering Events that Escaped (Almost) Everyone in 2011

Amid the chaos and uncertainty that defined retail in 2011, a few happenings went largely unheralded. Below, I take a look back at two that promise to create a big bang in branding and retail in 2012, and throw in a few predictions to set the stage for next year-and-beyond strategy. Global Power Launches State-of-the-art Satellite Grabble, Kosmix, OneRiot…What may


Dropping the Floor, Raising the Roof, and Recalibrating the Brand Continuum

In a presentation in Bentonville last month, Walmart’s EVP and chief merchandising officer Duncan MacNaughton reiterated Walmart’s plan to apply a “broad application of price investments” that will amount to a $2 billion everyday low price insurance policy. Tough markets call for tough measures and everything is a race to the bottom, right? Not so fast. As Walmart takes pains