Monthly Archive: May 2011

Spring Fling proves there is life outside London W1

Ah! Battersea! Rolls off the tongue just as well as Westminster, or Bloomsbury. Is it Battersea, though, and not Wandsworth ( really )? Whatever, I’m standing on the 13th floor of the Hotel Verta, overlooking the River Thames, in late February, and I’m wondering if I can persuade one hundred-plus LIMA members to come out here for the Spring Fling


Retail Price Pressure Percolating

The recently-released April retail sales figures for the 25 retailers tracked by Thomson Reuters showed an 8.9% gain in same-store sales for stores open more than a year, which is the best performance since March 2010. Profits at America’s biggest corporations are running 26% higher than they were a year ago, and are on track to post a quarterly record


Both Sides Now

“I don’t believe that if you are going to build a long-term sustainable brand that you can chop up every component part and expect everyone to have a perfect P&L. It just does not work that way.” It would be easy to dismiss a sentiment, like the one posted above, as flippant or even out of touch with reality if