Monthly Archive: September 2010


Last week, I stopped into the Hot Topic store in the spanking new Santa Monica Place shopping center in Southern California and noted an interesting pattern in the adult Halloween section. Virtually all the adult costumes were private label SKUs that verge on knock-offs of licensed properties ( i.e. “Miss Wonderland” that could be seen as Alice, and “Tea Party


Doing Business In “The New Normal”

The following also appears as a column in the Fall/Autumn issue of Total Licensing magazine, viewable at ****** Years ago, I attended a business conference whose featured speaker was Alan Greenspan, best known recently as the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, a key economic policy-setting part of the U.S. government. When he gave this particular speech, though,


The Licensing Awards 2010

Thursday last saw the fifth annual Licensing Awards in London in the new format launched by the team at Max Publishing in 2006. The occasion lived up to all expectations with plenty of entertainment, from comedian Chris Addison to the plethora of special videos created by a variety of UK licensors and event sponsors. More than 1000 guests made this