The Licensor: Mark Kingston

The Licensor – Mark Kingston Vice President Consumer Products UK and Australia – Nickelodeon UK

mark-kingstonWhy do you license your properties?
Licensing enables Nickelodeon to bring our much loved characters to life for our audiences in the off-air environment. Whether in the playground or bedroom, on apparel or in the lunchbox, licensing provides a wide range of products that meet the demands of our audiences. We’re able to tap into the expertise and sector knowledge of manufacturers, so our partnerships help us deliver quality products in both mainstream and niche categories.

From a licensor point of view, how does licensing help your core business?
Our audiences expect to be able to engage with our content across many different touch points. Consumer products, along with other outlets such as online and theme parks form part of the holistic Nickelodeon entertainment offering. Licensing is part of the off-air experience and both supports and is supported by other areas of the business.

What boxes need ticking when it comes to selecting the right licensee for your properties?
Licensees need to have a strong understanding of our properties and why they appeal to our audiences. Our shows are successful because they have a blend key attributes – they’re educational, aspirational, entertaining and fashionable. Licensees have to reflect these values in their products lines. Other key factors include a proven track record in producing quality products and strong relationships with retailers.

Kingston raised interesting points here, so what’s licensing about from the ‘Licensees’ or buyer’s viewpoint?