The Licensing Agent: Ian Downes

The Licensing Agent – Ian Downes Managing Director Start Licensing

Some would say if the Industry is all about the Licensors and Licensees, can you explain how does the role of the agent fits into the industry?

ian-downesA Licensing Agent acts as a conduit for ‘licensing’ discussion and business between the Licensor and Licensee. Our role is to be proactive with a sharp focus on driving forward commercial uses of IP on behalf of our clients but to also represent the objectives of the Licensee – we aim to achieve a sensible balance between both parties’ aspirations.

I guess in a way the Agent specialises in managing partnerships – a good agent should be a good listener but should also be prepared to show leadership, to be innovative, to be tenacious and is by nature a good communicator. Trust is at the centre of all matters – a good agent is trustworthy and has the respect of all partners. An agent should also have a great network and to be able to add value throughout the licensing process. A sense of humour helps as well!

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