The Licensing Talk

Is licensing really a complicated business or straight forward money-making machine?

Ever wondered how SpongeBob became a global franchise appearing on everything from a television series to a lunchbox and pyjamas?  The answer is simple – through an effective licensing industry.

We talk to key people in the industry to sum up the licensing business from their informed but different perspectives.

In licensing, like anything else, there is always a seller and a buyer not to mention service providers to round up the perfection when it comes to delivering the right products to the right customer and the end user- in this case the consumer.

Our mission therefore, is very simple. We want to explain the licensing business in clear terms for business owners or what people term ‘an average Joe’ to understand.  By doing this we aim to clarify what the licensing business is really about and try to resolve some of these complications/confusion that  have prevented some businesses from seizing new revenue streams through licensing.

Key LIMA UK members who are big players in the business – are at your disposal to explain some major issues in this first licensing talk.

We’ll start with the ‘Licensor’, also known as the ‘licensing seller’(for those unfamiliar with licensing terminologies) and then  move on to tackle the full 360° of licensing with the ‘Licensee’ (licensing buyer), Licensing Agent, IP speciality solicitor, Royalties Auditor , Style Guide designers ( service providers) and complete the cycle with the Retailer.

Our thanks go to our contributors who were all kind enough to give us their time and answer our questions to make The Licensing Talk happen: Nickelodeon UK, Penguin Books, GB EYE, Gateley, Insight Licensing, Rizon and Mothercare