LMCA Engineers New Westinghouse License

Posted February 07, 2017

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Westinghouse_Electric_Company Press Release

Southern Telecom Named Licensee for Audio and other Consumer Electronics

33rd Licensee signed in $4 Billion Westinghouse Licensing Program

New York, NY (February 7, 2017) - Today, Southern Telecom of, NYC signed an agreement to become the Westinghouse brand licensee for a series of products, including corded/cordless phones; audio products, such as home theater, boom boxes, headphones, sound bars and accessories such as chargers and cables in North America and select countries in Central/South America.

LMCA, Westinghouse’s global licensing agent, orchestrated the deal.

Perry Ayal president of Southern Telecom commented, “Westinghouse is an iconic brand that resonates with consumers in North America and Latin America. It signifies quality, value, technology and dependability.”

He added, “We are sure that our investment in the development of a high-end product line under the Westinghouse brand will generate significant returns for our company.”

Ray Uhlir, managing director of brand licensing at LMCA said, “We’re very excited to have engineered the partnership between Southern Telecom and Westinghouse. The Westinghouse program continues to evolve and the license in these core categories will serve to pave the way for a broadening program of other important Westinghouse products in the near future.”

Uhlir added, “This company is the 33rd licensee we have brought to the roster in the $4 billion Westinghouse licensing program.

About Southern Telecom

Southern Telecom Inc. (STI) is a leading manufacturer of quality consumer products. Our commitment is to offer the latest technology and the highest quality products which are affordable to everyone, everywhere. Since its founding in 1988, STI has consistently delivered to market a full line of products that incorporate unique styling, high quality, and new technology.  The company’s innovative products may be found at most retailers in the United States and Canada.

About Westinghouse

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, together with its licensee group, is a diversified international enterprise and purveyor of home appliances, electronics, lighting and power. Since 1886, Westinghouse has developed technology that transforms the human experience. Today, Westinghouse companies provide tried-and-true products as well as innovations that support evolving lifestyle trends and technology. WESTINGHOUSE and INNOVATION YOU CAN BE SURE OF are trademarks of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. For more information, visit www.westinghouse.com.

About LMCA

LMCA is the leader in strategic brand extension licensing with a successful 30 year track record of helping the world’s largest brands expand their reach and create new revenue streams. As the only agency dedicated exclusively to brand extension licensing, LMCA’s licensing programs deliver more than $6.5 billion per year in licensed product retail sales across the US and around the world. LMCA’s global footprint brings international reach to top brands through offices in New York, Atlanta, and Shanghai and affiliates in Europe, India, the Middle East and Central / South America.

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