Brand Liaison Spreading Happiness with European Brand “The Happy News by Emily Coxhead”

Posted October 22, 2018

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New York, NY; October 24, 2018:    With a roster of leading licensees and hundreds of inspiring products in Europe, The Brand Liaison will continue to spread the happy visions of creator Emily Coxhead by bringing “The Happy News by Emily Coxhead” brand to U.S. manufacturers and retailers.

The Happy NewsIMG_2801 features bright and cheery products which combine uplifting and motivational messages with unique hand-drawn illustrations from illustrator Emily Coxhead in contemporary colors and styling.  What started out as an inspiring quarterly newspaper has blossomed into an international licensing program that celebrates all that’s good in the world.

“Emily is such a unique talent with a genuine urge to make the world a happier place.” Explains Brand Liaison President Steven Heller.  “She has created a great property that is very successful in Europe and we look forward to continuing that success in the U.S.”

Licensed products will include inspiring stationery, greeting cards and school supplies, colorful mugs and home decor, quirky jewelry, eye-catching bags and totes and so much more, all featuring Emily’s hand-drawn illustrations and heart-warming messages.

The Happy News began in 2015 as an inspiring quarterly newspaper crammed full of positive news stories from around the world. Designed and illustrated by famed illustrator Emily Coxhead, the newspaper is jam-packed with optimistic real-life stories from across the globe.   Emily’s mission is to ‘sprinkle a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet’.  Celebrity supporters of The Happy News include Richard Branson, who recently gave a big ‘thumbs up’ for Emily’s new book called Make Someone Happy.

“Seeing my products now reaching the U.S. through this strategic licensing program is a dream come true”, said Emily.  “So much love has gone into them and it makes me the happiest to see them making people smile.”