Offering Exclusive Savings to LIMA Members

As a benefit to our Service Providers members, you have the opportunity to offer special savings to the entire membership. This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to LIMA Members and potentially generate new business.

How It Works
Submit your service proposal for consideration, and include the following information:
-  Description of your business
-  Explanation of the service you would be offering
-  What the discount is for LIMA members vs. what the cost would be for non-members

Please note, all submissions are subject to approval.

What LIMA Provides
If approved, your service will be listed as a new benefit on the Member Benefit page – for the two weeks following authorization, your company’s name will be highlighted at the top of the page.

In our marketing communications, we do not promote company names – rather, we promote the addition of a new benefit with a link to the Member Benefit page.  One New Benefit link will be posted in one edition of our weekly eNews, and one New Benefit post will appear on LIMA’s social media platforms.

Email Louise Caron at for more information.