Upcoming Webinars on Risk Management, Brand Expansion, and Retail Announced

Posted April 10, 2016

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Make sure you add these three exciting webinars to your calendar, free to LIMA members ($200 per line for non-members)! Click the webinar title to register now:

4/20 – Risk Assessment & Management
This webinar will discuss ways to help companies identify potential hazards and risks, and steps that can be taken to mitigate those risks.   Susan DeRagon of UL will take us through the steps and stages of assessing and developing a risk management regimen - vital knowledge for any licensor and manufacturer, to protect not just the consumer, but also your reputation and brand.

5/5 – Reframing How Brands Expand Globally
Pete Canalichio, Managing Partner of of Licensing Brands Inc. and Mark Di Somma, Founder of the Audacity Group, will use several case studies to show how top licensors are utilizing brand expansion through licensing to help maximize shareholder value and meet their long-term business objectives.

5/18 – The Third Wave of Retail
Raj B. Shroff, VP Brand, Strategy and Design at retail consultancy WD Partners, will discuss the different wants among generations and define third wave retail – including its key attributes and how they can be applied to today’s retail experiences. This webinar will be especially helpful for brand owners, marketers and manufacturers.

Questions about retail, compliance, social media, international perspective, trademark infringement, license agreements or digital trends? LIMA has a webinar on it!  Whatever stage of your career, educate yourself with one of our many learning opportunities. Webinars are free to all LIMA members, $200 per line for non-members.  Members also receive free access to our entire webinar archive of over 75 sessions.

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