Mind Mix, Milan – “Where Smart Thinking Happens”

Posted February 01, 2017

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LIMA will host its second annual Mind Mix event March 30-31, 2017 in Milan, Italy. This two-day executive forum brings together leaders from a wide breadth of industries for high-level, interactive dialogue on the business of brands.

“Licensing drives strategic business activity and thinking, and we’re bringing together some of the biggest thinkers in the world of brands.  This kind of high-level discussion and exchange of ideas is essential to business planning,” said Charles Riotto, President, LIMA.

LIMA will organize more than 15 moderated discussion groups to examine issues driving this dynamic industry; the challenges, and what the future looks like – short and long term.  Planned topics include:

  • The Psychology of Consumers and Brands
  • Licensing Digital Content and Personalities
  • Tech Trends and How They’ll Impact Licensing
  • Responding Quickly to Consumer Demand and Trends
  • Perspectives on China and India

Event sponsor PwC will lead two keynote sessions: “World Business Climate and Forecast” and “International Retail and Consumer Survey.”  With Milan being a fashion capital of the world, the program will include a focus on the competitive challenges and opportunities facing fashion brand licensing.  There will also be a panel of key European retailers as well as extensive networking opportunities among business leaders.

“Mind Mix is a successful platform for global industry leaders to exchange experiences, discuss upcoming market challenges and network in a way that encourages interactive communication. I strongly recommend participation in this opportunity to help shape the global licensing business of the future,” said Bettina Koeckler, CEO, DealFactory.


For more details and registration, visit www.licensing.org/mindmix.