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Posted July 14, 2014

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Thanks to the cool Minions Despicable Me is this summer‘s highest ranking license regarding the hype quality in the European key markets U.K., Germany, and France (U.K. 54 % / G 36 % / F 34 %).

It is striking that in Germany boys (34 %) and girls (37 %) see an equal hype status in this license while in the U.K. and France the topic has a clear male bias: boys (U.K. 60 % / F 41 %) give higher credit points to this license than girls (U.K. 48 % / F 27 %).

Rio 2 ranks second in Germany regarding the hype status. In this case, gender specific differences can be observed as German girls (46 %) assign the movie about the funny birds a clearly higher hype status than German boys (23 %). Whereas in the U.K. and France no gender differences are noticeable (U.K.: boys 20 %, girls 23 % / F: boys 30 %, girls 27 %).

These results are particularly important for a target oriented selection of those two licenses since there are no differences in appeal between the different countries resp. genders – only the hype status reveals the true fans of the license!

These and other interesting results are an extract of the most recent issue of the Kids License Monitor, a quarterly implemented study by the independent German research agency iconkids & youth. The online study was conducted in Germany, the U.K., and France with 1,231 children aged 4 to 12 years. A total of 72 different licenses were analysed in all relevant dimensions, including the licenses’ awareness, appeal, market status, category fit, or ownership of products.

The Kids License Monitor provides a reliable and transparent data base for the license market. It indicates currently successful licenses and highlights licenses that have the potential to become a success in the near future: Market developments become transparent and upcoming license trends can be identified.

One example: 76 % of the German kids who are aware of the license Zig & Sharko love it, yet only one fifth own products of this license such as t-shirts, bags or a cup. This shows that there seems to be a promising potential for products of this license.

The current issue of the Kids License Monitor is now available. LIMA members are entitled to a 49 % discount on a yearly subscription and a 45 % discount on each single wave of the Kids License Monitor.

If you are interested in this survey, please don’t hesitate to contactNilufar Amberger, iconkids & youth international research GmbH,