LIMA Japan’s Royalty Auditing Seminar Attracts 50 Participants

Posted September 30, 2014

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LIMA Japan held a seminar on royalty auditing at the Tokyo University of Science on 26th August that attracted a near capacity audience of 50 participants. The seminar, one of a series in LIMA Japan’s Licensing Education Program, was entitled “Understanding Royalty Auditing – Its Practices & Results” and was conducted by Mr. Takehiko Sato, of H.W. Fisher, a specialist international auditing firm and LIMA member.  Sato, a Colorado, U.S.A. certified accountant, who is based at H.W. Fisher’s London office and visits Japan regularly to conduct audits on behalf of clients, discussed the entire royalty auditing process including specific case studies in any easy-to-understand manner.  The audience, made up of two-thirds LIMA members and one-third non-members, came from wide range of licensing-related sectors including character property licensors, game companies, publishers, toy manufacturers, fashion houses, animators, broadcasters and mobile content developers.  As a topic that is rarely covered in Japan, the auditing seminar was well received by the participants judging from the good turnout, the active question and answer session and post-seminar feedback.

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