LIMA Expands International Footprint

Posted November 17, 2010

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LIMA, the trade organisation for the estimated $180+ billion worldwide licensing industry, extending its international reach yet further with the appointments of its first official representatives in Spain & Portugal, Eastern (New) Europe and India. Each in-country partner will be tasked with creating educational and networking opportunities for the licensing industry as well as promoting their individual markets to the LIMA membership globally.

All the partners are well-known champions of licensing. By teaming up with LIMA, they will have the opportunity to offer improved training and services to their local licensing community, both encouraging new members to join the association and also increasing best practice and professionalism across the board. At the same time, existing members of LIMA will now have an official link to representatives within these emerging markets.

The new partners are as follows:

Spain & Portugal
LIMA is partnering with Ediciones Just, based in Barcelona, a trade media group that publishes magazines including Juguetes B2B (focused on toys), Puericultura Market (nursery magazine) and Licencias Actualidad (licensing magazine). The CEO of Ediciones Just is Emili Alsina and Jana Robles is Sales and Marketing Manager.

There are around 800 licensees and 45 agents and/or owners in Spain and the Spanish toy sector is particularly powerful, with over 32 per cent of all toys licensed in Europe coming from Spain. Together, LIMA and Ediciones Just will continue the work of promoting the development of licensing in Spain and Portugal. LIMA will sponsor Ediciones Just’s activities, such as the Annual Forum of Licensing, whilst LIMA members will have access to basic research into the market (in-depth reports at discounted rates).

“New Europe” (comprising some 35 countries including the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Poland and Turkey)
LIMA’s main representative in “New Europe” will be Zeljko (William) Krnjak, a journalist who has developed significant new licensing and IP initiatives including the Licensing (Factory) New Europe show and conference, happening this year in Zagreb from 11th – 13th November. The show and conference is organised by Creata, a company based in Croatia, and aims to build bridges between developed licensing markets and the emerging markets of “New Europe”.

“New Europe”, a phrase which was re-invented by William, is a vast and underestimated market, with some 400 million consumers. The partners aim to bring greater global understanding of the many regional, cultural and legal requirements of doing business in emerging European markets. They will also seek to increase knowledge and skills of licensing professionals on the ground through networking, webinars, workshops and other licensing events.

LIMA is teaming up with License India, which is a part of Asia’s leading franchise solution company, Franchise India, which has over 11 years experience and an established network across different industries. License India excels in the licensing space with its strategic and knowledge based verticals – Publications, Portal and

Events. A well known licensing media service company, License India publishes India’s leading licensing publication, Branding Licensing, has a portal and conducts extensive multicity licensing shows, the Brand Licensing & Merchandising Shows. The upcoming flagship show, Brand Licensing India 2010 will be held on 11th & 12th December 2010 in New Delhi and is India’s largest licensing exhibition, including awards and workshops. Gaurav Marya, who is the President of Franchise India, will be the main representative in the country.

Licensing in India is a budding industry with fashion and entertainment licensing already well established. Character licensing sales were estimated at $100 million in 2009 and sports licensing is the fastest growing category. Not only will the partnership help to develop this industry domestically but will spread knowledge about the opportunities in India amongst the global LIMA membership. It is estimated that in the next 2-3 years, some 40 per cent of the major global licensing players will want to enter this market and LIMA is hoping to play a significant role.

Charles Riotto, president of LIMA, comments, “One of our key roles is to help our members do business internationally. In particular, we have identified the BRIC countries…Brazil, Russia/Eastern Europe, India and China… as being of high strategic importance to our members. These are markets with amazing potential. By encouraging mutually advantageous relationships with representatives in those countries, we are helping to open up these opportunities and support the growth of emerging licensing communities.”


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Notes to editors:

About LIMA
Founded in 1985, LIMA is the worldwide trade organisation for the licensing industry. LIMA’s main objective is to work together with licensors and licensees for the advancement of professionalism in licensing through research, national and international seminars, trade events and publications. With members in 35 countries, offices in New York, London, Munich, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong and representatives in Italy, members enjoy access to a wide variety of activities, information and benefits.

LIMA is a proud sponsor of the annual Licensing International Expo (Las Vegas), Brand Licensing Europe (London), LIMA Licensing Market (Munich), Day of Licensing (Cologne), Creative Market Tokyo, Shanghai Licensing Pavilion, Dubai Character Fair, Seoul Character Fair and the Hong Kong Licensing Show.

In addition, LIMA offers ways to jump start a career in licensing through its Certificate in Licensing Studies (CLS) program, which is the only educational course specifically designed to prepare professionals to succeed in the ever-changing licensing industry, and the flip (Future LIMA Industry Professionals) program offering support and networking for industry newcomers. LIMA UK has been operating since 1999.

In addition to our international services, we support local members with UK government contact, specialist business support services and UK-tailored educational seminars and networking events. For more information please visit