LIMA Adds New Member Benefit: Protection from Unauthorized Goods

Posted July 09, 2012

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Do you know where your Licensed Products are?

You may not know as much as you think and maybe even less than you are told!

In today’s global economy licensed products are faced with increasing challenges caused by unauthorized product manufacturing, and the shipping of those unauthorized products.

These are two significant, serious and growing issues in today’s complex world-wide business environment that carry a number of potential consequences – from loss of profits to potential legal action from licensors and other stake holders.

Think of it…
Authorized products are competing with unauthorized production overrun and counterfeiting; often using inferior and unsafe materials, to meet demands from consumers in territories far from home, or well beyond the scope and reach of regional offices, agents or representatives.

Remote manufacturing has blurred supply chain awareness, while emerging markets have created immediate local demand that circumvents traditional distribution and consumption models. 

It’s simple – do the math!  
Assured Products Group, calculates that authorized licensed products are averaging five to ten times the price of unauthorized products in the same market, putting companies at a significant disadvantage, creating unwanted, detrimental brand exposure and accelerated share loss worldwide.

Here is the bottom line problem:
Companies will miss license revenue opportunities from the units they did not know existed, incur significant cost with traditional licensing audits and efforts to find them, and ultimately absorb brand erosion, charge backs, warranty claims, and consumer dissatisfaction.  Parasitic branding has subsumed many discontinued brands in developing economies, directly pressuring new and improved replacements.

Here is the bottom line solution:
Assured Products Group is offering a series of products and management services that work around the clock to track what is authorized, what is not, produced by whom, and where from concept through consumption. 

     •  Provide stakeholders product awareness and simple to use monitoring tools anytime worldwide. 
     •  Quickly identify and report authorized and unauthorized products to government authorities for swift and meaningful intervention. 
     •  Generate reports that provide actual customer consumption, emerging trends, and developing opportunities by brand, licensee, product, or however you prefer to collect and manage market information. 
     • Augment these solutions with remote license management and audit services at a fraction of the cost and time of existing high touch audit solutions. 

Utilize Your LIMA Membership!
As a LIMA member, Assured Products Group is licensing these solutions at a 60% discount with free support, upgrades, and training annually. Management services are being offered to LIMA members at a 30% discount off published rates.

To learn more, discuss your specific situation and arrange for a product demonstration, contact Jim Chester at (727) 330-7543 or via email at