Basics of Licensing Revised and Licensee Editions

Posted October 19, 2012

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Co-authored by two industry pioneers, with a combined 60-plus years of licensing experience, the Basics of Licensing book series explores all aspects of establishing and running a licensing program from the perspectives of different types of licensing professionals. Whether the reader is a licensor or a licensee, a licensing agent or a manufacturer’s rep, the novice and veteran alike will gain proven, practical insights on how to maximize his or her position in the world of licensing. From the fundamentals of securing intellectual property rights, to the finer points of contract negotiation, product development, marketing strategy and more, no repertoire is complete without this set of immensely valuable resources. In addition to the core commentary provided in every chapter, each volume within the Basics series includes Appendices featuring useful administrative templates and licensing form agreements derived from actual transactions. 

The series begins with the original Basics of Licensing (revised and updated to include the most current industry survey data from 2012), is followed by the sequel Basics of Licensing: Licensee Edition and continues with the upcoming Basics of Licensing: International Edition (available June 2013). Each book has been developed in cooperation and with full endorsement from LIMA. Visit the Basics of Licensing website to order copies today for your own personal library or for your staff members and stay up-to-date on all the crucial trends and best practices developing in this fast-paced and exciting profession!