Date Posted

July 20, 2017

Licensing Experience

6-10 years

Location Desired


Willing to Relocate?



I strive to leverage my training, years of experience, and network to find synergy between licensors and licensees, and to


Licensing, Royalty, Royalties, Communication, Degree of intelligence, creative thinking, Contract Negotiation, Mediation, collaboration, collaborate, North America, China, CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, reliable, resilient, International, Marketing, SEO, SEM, UX, UI, Mandate, professional, Soft Skills, Technical proficient, Hard Goods, Soft Goods, Health and beauty, food and drink, procurement, design, graphic, travel,

Skills & Experience

• Market direction and trend forecasting.
• Product and apparel design specialist.
• Merchandise and market strategy.
• Web development, SEM, and UX
• Proven supervisory skills and understanding of team deadline responsibility workflow, resource development, and project delegation.
• Expert in Adobe CC Illustrator/photoshop on all platforms.
• Specialist in MS Office, Power-point pro
• Working knowledge of HTML-5, HTML, and Java
• 16 years packaging and CPG design experience
• Well versed in over-sea shopping/procurement
• In-depth knowledge of overseas procurement overseas costing procedures, communication processes, import timelines and limitations, and other areas of procurement.
• Creative and Insightful with advanced problem-solving capabilities.
• Expert knowledge of woven & knit fabrication, fabric weights, and dye processes.
• Extensive comprehension of critical path of timelines, deadlines, and other criteria.
• Packaging design and development and visual merchandising specialist
• Practical usages of time management and organizational behaviors.


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