Licensing Deals

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Licensed By: ULtimate Fighting Championship

Licensed By Contact: UFC, Tracey Bleczinski, SVP Consumer Products, 702- 221-4780

Licensed To/For: Bixler's/jewelry (U.S.)

Licensed To/For Contact: Bixler's, Perry Sporn, CEO, 802-865-8390


Licensed By: Iconix

Licensed By Contact: Waverly/Iconix, Nikki Haas, Senior Dir. Home, 212-819-2336,

Licensed To/For: Welspun/bath towels (U.S.)

Licensed To/For Contact: Welspun America, Juli McKenzie, CEO, 917-790-3031,


Licensed By: Ralph Lauren

Licensed By Contact: Ralph Lauren, Valerie Hermann, President Global Brands, 212-318-7000

Licensed To/For: Town & Country Living

Licensed To/For Contact: Town & Country Living, Judi Alexander, VP Licensing and Marketing, 646-898-0731,


Licensed By: Build-A-Bear/Brand Activation Consulting

Licensed By Contact: Brand Activation Consulting, Michelle McLaughlin, Principal, 310-363-1418,; Jennifer Kretchmar, Chief Merchandising Officer, 314-423-8000,

Licensed To/For: innovative Designs/stationery (U.S.); Lion Forge Labs/graphic novels (U.S.)

Licensed To/For Contact: Innovative Designs, Ashley McMullen, Licensing Dir., 212-695-0892; Lion Forge Labs, Nancy Schwartz, VP Sales, Marketing and Business Development, 314-786-0800

Soul Caliber 2

Licensed By: Bandai/Namco

Licensed By Contact: Bandai/Namco America, Hide Irie, EVP COO, 408-235-2007,

Licensed To/For: GameCo/skill-based slot machine U.S.

Licensed To/For Contact: GameCo, Rich Maryanek, Global Business Development Mgr., 917-653-7557,