CAA/GBG Develops James Bond Sub-Brands

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Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 2.50.35 PMCAA/GBG, which recently began representing James Bond, has developed four sub-brands – Mr. Bond, Agent 007, 007/Special Issue and Q Branch – in an effort to expand sales opportunities for the franchise beyond periodic film releases, says CAA/GBG’s Robert Schwartz.

It will show the sub-brands this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a focus on Q Brand and Agent 007, given their technology applications.

The sub-brands will target separate categories: Mr. Bond is aimed at lifestyle apparel, suits and men’s skincare and hair products; Q Brand at technology including notebooks, drones, smart home and travel; Agent 007 at children’s toys, spy kits, remote control and slot cars; and OO7/Special Issue at collectibles and replicas. CAA/GBB, which represents franchise owner Eon Productions developed the sub-brands with affiliate Brand Studio.

A new Bond film – Bond 25 – is due Feb. 20, 2020. And while new sub-brand products will be targeted to arrive in 2020, the items are designed to have a longer shelf life than the film release schedule.


CAA/GBG, Robert Schwartz, VP Sales & New Business Development, 646-839-7465,