Sponsor Upcoming LIMA Events Around the World!

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  • Company name/logo on all event announcements
  • Two weekly LIMA eNewsletters with hyperlink to homepage
  • Exclusive promotional emails to entire licensing audience – hyperlinked logo (contact information optional)
  • Name and/or logo on website event listing and across social media platforms
  • Banner ad on two Newslinks editions
  • LIMA-generated banner ad on Events page with “sponsor thank you” – hyperlinked logo
  • Provide Sponsor with RSVP list
  • Personal email from LIMA to sponsor’s handpicked attendees inviting them to connect to sponsor (contact info included)


  • Customized event signage to compliment the venue layout and ensure sponsors’ leading status
  • Complimentary admission for sponsors + VIP guest
  • Sponsor status labeled badges
  • On-Site announcement by LIMA management – sponsor may join to introduce themselves, welcome attendees and wish them a successful event.
  • LIMA Staff to introduce sponsors to targeted attendees.


  • “Thank You for attending” email + Thank you to sponsors and including contact info for follow up.

Add-Ons (additional cost or hard cost for Sponsor):

  • Sponsor may provide: banners, pop ups, napkins, cups, sleeves, fun customized food signage, etc. to be placed on-site.
  • Giveaways – distributed by LIMA staff
  • Customized badges for all attendees with sponsors’ logo
  • Marketing materials and/or promotional items at front desk or designated space
  • Pre- and post-event access to connect with all attendees/community


For more information or to become a sponsor please contact:

Sharon Weisman – sweisman@licensing.org

LIMA has worldwide networking and educational events throughout the year.  Terms for global sponsorship will vary, please contact our individual offices for more information:

UK:  Ryan Beaird – rbeaird@licensing.org
Germany:  Peter Hollo – phollo@licensing.org
Mexico:  David Martinez – dmartinez@licensingmexico.com
China:  Tani Wong – twong@licensing.org
Australia:  Tony Bugg – tbugg@licensing.org