Elias Fasja-Cohen Bio

Elias Fasja BioA passionate professional in the licensing and merchandising business.

He started out in 1977 as fashion licensee for French brand Cacharel and later on with Perry Ellis, establishing the first Shop in Shop concepts in the big retailers of Mexico.

In 1990, Elias co-founded Tycoon Enterprises, a company that changed the way business was conducted in that area and soon became the most sought-after licensing agency for the big brands of the day, such as Cartoon Network, Mattel, FIFA, the NFL and many others.

In 1994, Tycoon introduced the first Christmas themed campaign featuring animated characters for the retail chain Liverpool.

Five years after inception, Tycoon started offering a “one-stop-shop” for their clients, offering services of video and music distribution and the production of live shows.

These new divisions broadened the group’s reach to accommodate brands outside of their own catalog of Licensing and Merchandising clients.

Tycoon has put on live shows all around Latin America, the US, Puerto Rico and even Asia.

In an attempt to help the licensing industry grow and be better understood, the Tycoon team started setting up lectures for students and teachers in several universities.

Tycoon has seen tremendous growth since the turn of the millennia, expanding their services to Central America and the Caribbean, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil.

In February of 2017 a strategic alliance with CPLG was established, thus expanding Tycoon’s reach to North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

In 2009, Tycoon summoned competitors such as Disney and WB to get together regularly and exchange market information for better business practices, establishing “PROMARCA”, which in 2016 went on to become a part of LIMA – International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association. Elias became Founding President of the newly formed association and remained in such position for 2 years.

In 2006, Elias approached trade-fair company Comunicación Integral with the opportunity to create a trade event specifically dedicated to licensed brands & entrepreneurs. Such initiative went on to become the first licensing expo in Mexico, which was held in 2007 under the name Expo Licencias y Marcas. This event has continued on a yearly base since, and already reached its 10th edition.

In 2016, he persuaded the Panamericana University to include licensing in the curriculum, offering him the full support of the members of LIMA and himself. The first Licensing Diplomat finally opened at Panamericana University on November 2017, and Elias became Professor of the first chapter.

Elias’s leadership and determination to remain ahead of the curve at all times, has kept the group at the very forefront of the Licensing industry.

Moreover, Tycoon has been a hotbed for industry talent for nearly 28 years, with former employees that have gone on to have remarkable careers and positions in companies within the industry, always showing great affection and gratitude for the training received there and maintaining strong bonds and relationships with the people of Tycoon for years after leaving.

Tycoon’s executive directors have spent most of their professional lives within the company, working hard and turning it into the leading licensing agency in Latin America.

Elias currently lives in Mexico City with his wife Monica; they have two daughters and one son and recently became the proud grandparents of a beautiful baby girl.