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Questions about CLS?

What is CLS?

The Coursework in Licensing Studies (CLS) program is an in-depth study of the business of licensing – and the industry’s only training ground to become a Qualified Licensing Practitioner (QLP). Through CLS, you’ll learn from industry leaders with expertise in various facets of the business, including branding, marketing, contract law, retail, and more.

Who should register for CLS?

CLS is a six month program designed for those seeking a 360 degree view of licensing, from basics through to more advanced strategies. You’ll gain knowledge on a wide array of topics that affect the industry, as well as a solid understanding of the basics of licensing. No matter what side of licensing you’re coming from – licensor, licensee, retailer, agency, and more – CLS will help you broaden your knowledge of the business.

What is the cost for the CLS program?

The fee for the 2018 CLS program is USD$800 for LIMA Members; USD$1750 for non-Members

What is the difference between CLS and Licensing University?

Licensing University is an educational conference program which takes place in-person during Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. The Coursework in Licensing Studies program begins during Licensing University, with students attending certain required courses, and continues separately through the rest of the year online.

What if I can’t attend Licensing University?

That’s fine! While in-person attendance is encouraged and preferred, all the required Licensing University sessions are recorded by LIMA and will be available online after the show. These recorded sessions are available exclusively to CLS students.

Do I have to pay for Licensing University as well as CLS?

No. The fee you pay for CLS is inclusive of Licensing University sessions, as well as recordings, online courses, course material, and the QLP Exam.

Is CLS in-person or online?

CLS is primarily held online with sessions in a webinar format. The only in-person portion of CLS takes place at Licensing University during Licensing Expo, where students will attend required courses. If you are unable to attend Licensing U, all the sessions you need will be recorded and made accessible before the online sessions begin. Basically – while it is preferable that you attend the sessions at Licensing University, all of CLS can be done online, remotely.

When do classes take place?

The required Licensing University class schedule will be provided to you in advance of Licensing Expo. The online sessions will take place on Tuesdays, between 12-2 PM Eastern time. Online classes will run from September through December. All sessions are recorded, so if you aren’t able to attend, you will still be able to view the session, on your own time.

How do I get the Qualified Licensing Practitioner (QLP) designation?

All CLS students who successfully complete the program and pass the examination will carry the Qualified Licensing Practitioner designation for a period of three years, at which time they may complete a re-certification exam.   More information will be provided upon receipt of designation.

How much of a time commitment is the program?

We understand that most of our students are working full-time and need flexibility in order to complete the coursework. Online sessions run on Tuesdays between 12-2 PM Eastern, and are recorded so that you can access them on your own time. Throughout the program, there is no required homework or assignments in addition to the online courses. The program will culminate in a final research project and exam, both of which are designed to give you ample time to complete.

I’m not able to attend the webinar sessions due to scheduling – is that a problem?

While it’s preferable that you attend sessions while they are live so that you are able to interact with instructors and other students, all online sessions are recorded so that if you miss one, you can watch it when you are able.

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