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The Journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas ´16

The journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas is a trip that everyone related or interested in the Brands, Licences, and Characters should do at least one time in their life. Why? The answer is simple, it is a place where you can find the larges amount of companies, characters and agents from the licensing sector around the globe gathering together

Marty Brochstein

Keep Calm and Carry On? That Seems To Be Early Post-Brexit Consensus

Much of the licensing industry was literally leaving Las Vegas as Britons voted and the ballots were counted on the “Brexit” referendum whose results point toward the UK leaving the European Union in 2018. It’s no overstatement that since the media began calling the results at about 9:30 pm Vegas time – just before a host of industry executives were

Christian Fortmann, LL.M.

Brexit and the Licensing Business: A Legal View

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. We’ve already heard from Kelvyn Gardner about it, detailing his view on what that may mean for the licensing industry. My position looks in more detail at how a Brexit – if and when it finally comes about – might affect intellectual property rights, which, as we know, are the

Utku Tansel

Chinese Rival Takes On New Shanghai Disney Park

As I also explore in our forthcoming global briefing of “Experiential Licensing: Consumer Fundamentals Falling into Place”, Disney Shanghai Theme Park in China has been one the world’s most anticipated attractions in recent years, which is also the new “Experiencing is everything” phenomenon fuelled by “The New Consumerism”. Today’s consumers are redefining their values and priorities, leading to the birth

LIMA Marketing

Licensing Expo 2016 Wrap-Up – What We #SpottedAtExpo

The LIMA marketing team is back from licensing’s biggest international event – an exciting week filled with meetings, learning, networking, celebrating and advancing the business of licensing!  Monday, June 20             For some, the show starts on Tuesday – but for the LIMA crew it kicked off on Monday with Licensing University and the Digital

Kelvyn Gardner

Brexit and the Licensing Business: One Man’s View

Now that the EU membership campaign, and the election itself, is officially over, I reckon that it’s OK for me to go on the record with my personal view. I should qualify that by clarifying that these are my views, not necessarily those of LIMA as a whole, nor of the licensing industry as a whole. In regards to the

LIMA Marketing

Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Expo

Licensing Expo is the biggest event of the year. It can be intimidating, trying to prepare and make sure all of your bases are covered.

Oliver Herzfeld

Prince’s Post-Mortem Publicity Rights

This post originally appeared on Prince famously told Rolling Stone in 1996 “If you don’t own your masters, your master owns you.” That quote referred to copyright ownership of the master rights (a.k.a. recording rights) of the actual sound recordings of Prince’s musical works. But what about Prince’s other intellectual property rights? While the press has given a lot

Allison Ames

Keeping Up With Clean: Consumers Drive Brands in the Food Industry

It goes without saying that the needs of consumers and the roles that brands play to satisfy those needs intersect. Socially conscious consumerism is placing more and more demands on brands in all corners of business. Consumers want products and services produced responsibly.  This is particularly evident in the food industry, primarily driven by the “clean label movement.”  Influenced by

Tony Bugg

The Enduring Power of Real Superheroes

On the back of the premiere of the latest Warner Bros. movie, Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice, there has been much commentary as to whether or not this movie would live up to the expectation of its superhero predecessors.