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Legal Beef: Benihana In A Licensing Battle Over The ‘Beni Burger’

It all started with an unauthorized hamburger. Well, actually, it all started in 1964 when Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki opened a chain of iconic Benihana restaurants. The restaurants feature teppanyaki cooking, a dinner entertainment style of cuisine where chefs theatrically prepare meals at an iron griddle located tableside. Sometime after Aoki’s death in 2008, his family sold Benihana Inc. (BI) to


Licensing the Right of Publicity: A Primer

By: Jonathan L. Faber Licensing refers to a transaction involving intellectual property. While trademarks, copyright, and patents are familiar, the Right of Publicity also is the centerpiece of many licensing transactions.  The state-based Right of Publicity ensures control over most commercial uses of one’s persona.  Like copyright, the right generally survives after death for a considerable time.  Stephen Curry’s Brita