Monthly Archive: July 2016

Subscription Box Services Exploring Single-Brand Box Alternatives

The companies that run subscription box services — already well-established in offering a broad array of licensed toys and collectibles in multibrand assortments – are also adding a single-brand strategy. Loot Crate, 1Up Box, Nerd Block and Funko have made their mark delivering all-encompassing pop culture boxes with a monthly or bi-monthly subscription fee, but some are trying to expand

Matthew Bugg

On Target & the New Direction: Everyday Low Prices

This article originally appeared in The Bugg Report and is being re-published via LIMA Australia I recently had the chance to attend the Target Australia Supplier Forum in Melbourne last month, which was a platform to update the market on the new direction of Target. Guy Russo and his team gave an in-depth presentation on where the business is at and

Kelvyn Gardner

Visiting Korea Character & Licensing Fair

I was fortunate enough last week to visit Seoul to speak at the newly-renamed Korea Character and Licensing Fair. The change of name is important, for once, as it was very much influenced by government agencies KOCCA its offshoot project, CreateNew. These two agencies are charged with supporting both existing companies and new ventures. They are specifically dedicated to the

Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick

10 Tips to Help You Master the Art of Networking and Stand Out from the Crowd

This post originally appeared on Technical skills and knowledge account for 15 percent of the reason you get a job, keep a job, and advance in a job. Eighty –five percent of your success is connected to your people skills. -Based on research conducted by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation, and The Standard Research Institute. Arrive on time. It

LIMA Marketing

Pokémon Go-ing for World Gaming Dominance… Is the Licensing World Next?

If you were at this year’s Licensing Expo Keynote, you may have heard Hasbro’s Simon Waters mention the rise of the “phigital” experience.  Looking for an example of this?  All you have to do is step outside. Pokémon Go is the new smartphone game phenomenon that merges the physical world with the digital world.  The object is simple:  go.  Go


The Journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas ´16

The journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas is a trip that everyone related or interested in the Brands, Licences, and Characters should do at least one time in their life. Why? The answer is simple, it is a place where you can find the larges amount of companies, characters and agents from the licensing sector around the globe gathering together

Marty Brochstein

Keep Calm and Carry On? That Seems To Be Early Post-Brexit Consensus

Much of the licensing industry was literally leaving Las Vegas as Britons voted and the ballots were counted on the “Brexit” referendum whose results point toward the UK leaving the European Union in 2018. It’s no overstatement that since the media began calling the results at about 9:30 pm Vegas time – just before a host of industry executives were

Christian Fortmann, LL.M.

Brexit and the Licensing Business: A Legal View

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. We’ve already heard from Kelvyn Gardner about it, detailing his view on what that may mean for the licensing industry. My position looks in more detail at how a Brexit – if and when it finally comes about – might affect intellectual property rights, which, as we know, are the

Utku Tansel

Chinese Rival Takes On New Shanghai Disney Park

As I also explore in our forthcoming global briefing of “Experiential Licensing: Consumer Fundamentals Falling into Place”, Disney Shanghai Theme Park in China has been one the world’s most anticipated attractions in recent years, which is also the new “Experiencing is everything” phenomenon fuelled by “The New Consumerism”. Today’s consumers are redefining their values and priorities, leading to the birth