Monthly Archive: December 2012

Coming of Age or Fading Away? The Curious State of the Retail CMO

Perhaps no other executive role within retailer and brand marketing organizations has seen more upheaval in recent years than that of the chief marketing officer. For the first time in its more than a century of history, Campbell’s hired a CMO, folding marketing services, global advertising, design, media, digital marketing, and consumer insights into a single position. Campbell’s approach is


A Fairy Tale for the Holiday season

Once upon a time there was a poor miner called Happy who lived with his wife and cherubic twin children in a tiny miner’s cottage outside a town called Diligence. The cottage enjoyed a pretty setting in a small wood on a hill overlooking a flowing, crystal clear spring. Every morning Happy rose at 5am to walk the six miles


Walmart Proves the Power of Paring Down

In a presentation last week, Stephen Quinn, Walmart’s CMO, illustrated how a return to simplicity and authenticity is now moving the needle for the world’s largest retailer.The company’s recent localized marketing campaigns offer brand marketers lessons on the power of paring things down and letting basic strengths tell the story. Seeing is Believing Walmart’s more than one-year-old ad match program