Monthly Archive: August 2011

Who’s Next?

Back in 2009, I wrote an article in which I lamented retailers’ then-current obsession with clutter clearing and other “retail rehab” measures. I questioned whether they would have achieved their ideal once the majority of their stores were remodeled, cleaned up, and optimized, or whether their customers would simply let out a collective “meh.” In my last article for LIMA,


Is the world’s business unfairly distorted by credit reference agencies?

As the financial markets are plunged into further sessions of turmoil, I’m wondering whether it’s time to call a halt to the credit reference agencies. Consumer confidence is a delicate beast, and yet in our industry, like many others, we are dependent on it for most of our livelihood. I’m no economist, but the thousands of hours of TV and


Retailers’ Weapons of Mass Engagement

Over the past several years, retailers have had to adapt to new rules of engagement. Their customers are at once empowered, demanding, skeptical, and value-oriented, and they are flocking to social networks, online forums, blogs, and digital apps to satisfy their hunger for objective guidance and entertainment. In order to stay on their customers’ radars, retailers have had to shift