Monthly Archive: April 2011

Royal Wedding Merchandise Blues

(12-bar in E) Way down in South West one, that big house lit up fine Said way down in SW1, baby, folks are waitin’ for party time Surely I can’t be the only one, got something on my mind   In every corner of every store, honey, Royal wedding  gifts ain’t worth a dime Man said you don’t need no


Cheap and Deep: Retail’s Perfect Acquisition Storm

Wall Street analysts are giddy anticipating the next wave of retail mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts. After a brutal couple of years in retail, money is cheap as the Fed attempts to spark economic recovery with lower interest rates. War chests are deep as lean-running companies make acquisition opportunism a top priority. Recent deals, such as Walgreens’ purchase of and


Store Scores: No Longer a Numbers Game

“How many stores did we get?” That’s a question I got used to asking back in my supplier days; the answers were often thrilling because store counts escalated into the thousands for the first time in history while, at the same time, all-store buys remained the industry standard. At one point, I was managing key accounts for over 35 separate