Positive, Determined and Brave: Duane’s Story

cbtf-duaneDuane is an upbeat 12-year-old boy who is truly a delight to all who know him. He has also spent most of his young life fighting cancer.

At a mere six months old, Duane began extensive treatment for a multitude of tumors. He has endured numerous surgeries since that time, including a variety of treatments that have left him unable to eat solid foods –forcing him to endure extended months on a feeding tube. Duane also has a large facial tumor which leads to bullying at school and difficulty communicating. At present, he is participating in a clinical trial.

Duane has met more challenges in his 12 short years than anyone should have to bear. Yet he constantly has a smile on his face. He is extremely outgoing, always positive, and a treasure to his family. To see him around his five siblings, no one would ever guess Duane faces the trials he does.

This is who we are fighting for!!