Never Let It Slow Him Down: Brock’s Story

cbtf-brockMy name is Brock Meister and I am a 16 year old cancer survivor.

The summer of 2012 was not a good time for me. I had severe headaches and blurry vision. Multiple appointments to my pediatrician and eye doctor didn’t give us any answers. Finally, in October a new eye doctor was able to see that I had severe optic nerve swelling and that my eyes weren’t tracking properly. He sent us immediately to our local emergency room where we found out I had a 3cm mass within my brain, which caused a lot of pressure to build up in my head. I was sent by ambulance to a children’s hospital two and a half hours away. The next morning I was in surgery for a VP shunt to relieve all that pressure in my head.

Unfortunately, my tumor was right in the middle of my brain and was surrounded by too many important things I need, so my doctor was unable to remove it. We made plans for a six hour surgery, where they screwed a halo into my head to help the doctor get a biopsy of my tumor. On October 31, 2012, I was told I had a malignant brain tumor called a germinoma.

On November 12, 2012, I started my first round of chemotherapy and it was horrible. It made me sick to my stomach and very tired. That’s when I decided to fight back. I didn’t want to miss out on anything just because I had cancer! I finished my 12 weeks of chemotherapy in January and, in March, had to move three and half hours away from home to receive four weeks of proton radiation. Over those for weeks, I began to feel better and my hair finally grew back.

Throughout this experience, I never let cancer slow me down. The only time I missed school was when I received treatment, but I always returned the next day. I no longer have to get weekly blood draws, blood transfusions, and most importantly my headaches and blurry vision are gone. I was even able to get my drivers license recently! I’m so thankful for a second chance.

I am cancer-free, living life to the fullest and so excited for what the future holds for me.

By: Brock Meister

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This is who we are fighting for!!