Licensed Program: Food & Beverage / Restaurant



BaileysDiageo / Beanstalk

Globally renowned as The Original Irish Cream, the BAILEYS flavor profile lends itself to a multitude of sweet treats. The BAILEYS food program leverages the distinct flavor profile and indulgent experience of the brand. With 25+ licensees to fulfill consumers’ craving for little moments of pleasure, BAILEYS has the third largest coffee creamer program in North America, a collaboration with Ciao Bella Gelato, and chocolate programs with Lir and Mars. In 2017, 100 million units of BAILEYS licensed food products were sold in 160,000 doors across 30 countries. Licensed products encourage consumers to eat more Baileys and drink more Baileys.


GuinnessDiageo / Beanstalk

GUINNESS is truly a brand Made of More, and partners have become more creative about interpreting this unique brand. 55 licensees produce GUINNESS food and merchandise that go beyond the ordinary. High Liner Foods brought GUINNESS battered fish to food stands at AT&T Park and Levi Stadium and our apparel partners elevated design offerings to those of major fashion brands. In 2017, 80+ million units of GUINNESS product was sold around the globe, through nearly every channel of retail plus the GUINNESS Storehouse, the most visited destination in Dublin, the GUINNESS webstore, and the GUINNESS retail store at Mandalay Bay.


Tapatio Hot SauceTapatio Hot Sauce / Brand Central

Tapatio Hot Sauce is a beloved and iconic brand known for its unique and cravable flavor. Together with its licensing agency Brand Central, Tapatio entered multiple product categories with leading licensees that provide the consumer with on-trend ethnic and spicy foods. Tapatio leveraged its signature flavor into a full portfolio of products in 2017 with market leaders including including Doritos, Big’s sunflower seeds, Starkist tuna, King Oscar sardines, and dips, cheese sauce, popcorn and more! Leading retailers have supported the collection resulting in placement in stores like 7-eleven, Meijer, Walmart, Safeway, HEB and more.


The Cheesecake Factory at HomeTCF Co. LLC / CAA-GBG

The Cheesecake Factory At Home brings our same high quality standards to grocery stores. Like everything in our restaurants, each potential licensed product is developed alongside our Founder/CEO, David Overton. We launched in June with seven (7) bake mixes, including cheesecakes (10,000+ doors) and cookies/cupcakes as Walmart exclusives. Our line of confections – 10 varieties of premium truffles and bars – began rolling out in late 2017. In December we launched our partnership with Coffee-mate – 2 cheesecake-inspired flavors. Three formats of our “famous brown bread” were finalized late in the year and are now hitting retailers nationwide.


The Hershey Company – Asia Licensing ProgrammeThe Hershey Company / CAA-GBG

2017 was a ground-breaking year for Hershey’s brand extension programme in Asia, where business grew by 25%. There are now 25 licensees including 4 new partnerships. 80 new products and 28 new recipe/ packaging innovations launched. 185,000,000 products were sold in 250,000+ doors delivering $550,000,000 in retail sales. Licensed products drove innovation and NPD. In Japan, 2,500,000 cookies, 6,000,000 baked products were sold, and $150,000,000 in retail sales from ice cream were generated. Hershey licensed products are #1 for cookies, flavoured milk and cereal in Korea. In South East Asia, 4,000,000 soymilk cartons sold and a Reese’s Cornetto Disc launched.


Tony Roma’s RestaurantsRoma Dining LLC / Broad Street Licensing Group

Tony Roma’s is the world’s largest casual dining restaurant brand specializing in ribs. 2017 was a spectacular year for its licensed food products as retail sales exceeded $160mm in the U.S. Their branded meats were consistently the #1 or #2 top-selling brand in supermarkets, big box stores and mass retailers across the country and are a staple for consumers looking for an authentic barbeque experience at home. Success of the Tony Roma’s retail food licensing program also included barbeque sauces, ready-to-cook seasoned meats and snacks. The program also expanded into the global marketplace including Europe, South America, Australia and Canada.


Welch’sWelch Foods

Welch’s Licensing had a tremendous 2017 with the addition of 30 new food/bev sku’s including k-cup grape/apple ciders, baking mixes, seasonal confection, 100% juice slushie pouches, PBJ frozen sandwiches and cooking oils. We entered new markets with a collaboration with 16 Handles (fro-yo shops); extended our reach to kids in schools nationwide with 4 100% slushie pouches; tackled food service nationwide with Welch’s PBJ Jamwich in Burger King’s Kids Meal; launched a better for you fruit snack with Welch’s Fruit Rolls and upended the frozen fruit category with Welch’s Frozen Avocados. Thanks, You’re Grape!