Licensed Program: Digital



Angry BirdsRovio Entertainment Ltd.

In 2016, Angry Birds changed the digital realm by becoming the first-ever feature film based on a mobile app. In semblance with the brand’s digital roots, Rovio’s licensing division launched a global physi-digi campaign utilizing the power of Angry Birds’ mobile following to drive roughly $500 million in retail sales. Using the movie-based game “Angry Birds Action!”, fans could track down “BirdCode” markers on their favorite Angry Birds products and scan them to reveal Augmented Reality mini-games, character photo booths, and other exciting content! Included in this campaign were McDonalds, Lego, Pez, Walmart and a host of category leading partners.


Five Nights at Freddy’sScottgames/Striker Entertainment

Five Nights at Freddy’s, the thriller jump-scare videogame, was a 2016 phenomenon that jumped to the top of retailers’ wish lists. With over 20 BILLION You Tube views, licensed product sales in excess of $300,000,000, multiple game sequels, a NY Times #1 book from Scholastic and over a dozen licensees including Funko, Bioworld, Rubie’s, McFarlane Toys, Just Toys, Trends, Think Geek, and more, Five Nights at Freddy’s became a certified hit in 2016. Products featured animatronic characters Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, and captured the spooky feeling of the games. Don’t turn your back on this one!

Jiang HooPerfect World

This year, Jiang Hoo comes out from the virtual world to reality: he had been to Anime Expos and liked by manys fans; he had been to charity community and gives love to the children; he had been licensed to some companies to create products; and finally, he is going to open his theme cafe house at the Perfect World building. To conclude, this is a busy year for JiangHoo, and this is the leap year for Jiang Hoo. He will continue to work hard to have a great future.


Kanahei’s Small AnimalsYurutto/TV Tokyo Communications Corporation

Kanahei’s unique illustration, anime and manga are very popular in Japan and other countries.
“Piske & Usagi” is her masterpiece. In 2003,as a high school student, Kanahei made her professional debut in the famous magazine “SEVENTEEN”.
“Kanahei’s Small animals” series won the GRAN PRIX 2016 and was the runner up in “LINE Creators Stamp AWARD ‘2014’ and ‘2015’ ”.
Kanahei produced lots of products and advertising stickers collaborated with many big companies,Softbank,LINE,amazon,etc.
Collaborated with Parco, we opened “Kanahei’s Yurrutto Cafe” in Tokyo from Jan., 2016.
It was so popular and travels around Japan and next year it’ll deploy worldwide.


LINE FriendsLINE Friends Corporation

LINE FRIENDS opened up a new possibility to the industry that a “Mobile Application” can be the best platform to grow a license brand, and became a sensation that lead to win many awards including at
LIMA Asian Licensing Awards 2015 and at The Asian Licensing Awards 2015/2016 which are the most prestigious Character Licensing Award in the Asia, and also  at the iF Design Awards 2016, a sign of international recognition for design excellence.