LIMA Global Survey Link

Last year, LIMA published results of the first-ever LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey – an extremely detailed look at the size and components of the licensing business, both globally and broken down by property type, product category and geographic location. As a global association, it is exceedingly important for LIMA to be the voice of authority on all matters relating to licensing, and this report is an important component.  It is data that many of you asked us to develop as a tool to help you evaluate and plan your own businesses. It’s also a tool for LIMA to use in educating the business community, as well as consumers, about the licensing business and its many strategic aspects.

We thank those who responded to last year’s survey, and urge everyone to participate in the 2016 edition.  For the second year, Brandar Consulting LLC has been contracted to develop this exclusive data – the first piece of which is scheduled to be released this coming June during Licensing Expo.  Brandar has extensive knowledge of the trademark licensing business and is very experienced in gathering and interpreting research data using a wide variety of sources.

The quality of the survey findings depends in large part on the participation of executives in the licensing business. If you have not already filled out the survey, please click here to participate in our anonymous study through a very secure survey tool – it should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete.  No information about specific companies will be shared in our study reports or even with LIMA personnel.  It is vital that (if applicable), you take the time to break out your revenues by countries or world regions where possible.

If you have any quetions, please contact Marty Brochstein, LIMA SVP of Industry Relations and Information at [email protected].