Event Timetable

Tuesday May 10 2016

Time Event
7.00pm –12.00am Welcome Reception – Pan Am Lounge

Wednesday May 11 2016

Time Event
9.00-10.00am Welcome and Keynote
10.00-10.50am Session 1
11.00-11.50am Session 2
12.00-1.30pm Lunch and Networking
1.30-2.20pm Session 3
2.30-3.20pm Session 4
3.30- 4.20pm Session 5
4.20-5.00pm Coffee, Cake and a Chat
7.30pm-12.00am Networking, Food, Music – Bar Jeder Vernunft

Thursday May 12 2016

Time Event
9.00-9.15am Welcome and Wrap Up of Day One
9.30- 10.20am Session 6
10.30-11.20am Session 7
11.30am-12.20pm Session 8
12.30-1.00pm Final Plenum and Q/A
1.00-2.30pm Lunch and Networking
3.00pm Retail Tour of Berlin