Date Posted

Dec. 13, 2018

Licensing Experience

20+ years

Location Desired

EMEA or New York

Willing to Relocate?



Executive position to grow a Consumer Products/Licensing division in EMEA/International. I want to use my 23ys in-depth experience in licensing and brand extension business to help companies grow internationally. No problems to relocate anywhere in EMEA or NYC and to travel around to meet licensees, property' owners and attend trade shows.


EMEA, International, Entertainment, Animation, Movies, TV-Series, Corporate brands, Automotive, Adult, Design, Art, Agents, Networks, Multiple Categories, Apparel, Food, Promo, Softlines, Hardlines, Licensor, Licensee, Agents, Consumer Products, Sales, New Business, Account Management, Business Development, Infringers, Contracts, Royalty Reports, Budgeting, Licensing Strategy, Brand Extension strategy, Brand extension, brand development, marketing management, etc.

Skills & Experience

23ys in the licensing business managing licensees, Licensors, Agents on several properties in Entertainment, Corporate Brands, Lifestyle Brands, Art&Design, Celebrities in EMEA and US across the full cycle of licensing business (sales, approvals, royalty report, DM & contracts, legal, infringing products, etc). I love to travel and always open to learn new things and put myself in new challenges. I'm very creative and very supportive in giving clients new ideas and new points of view for their strategies. I'm very good in technologies and able to work in several environments (OS, Win, Office, Photoshop and many other softwares). When I found a problem I always look directly for a solution. I've worked with C-Level people in several industries and have a very good reputation. I love to lead teams of people as I'm very supportive. I use to work hard and always available (24/7). I have been a company owner for many years and I know how to handle a company and find the best arrangements on costs/benefits. I also had good experiences in manufacturing in Far-East but I prefer to stay in the licensing business.


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