Article Title Author Year Category
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In the Playroom Laurie Yingling 2005 Toys
What Wears Black And Is a Foot Tall? Jim Rendon 2004 Toys
The Toy War for Holiday Movies Is a Battle Among 3 Heavyweights Rick Lyman 2001 Toys
Trouble in Toyland Mark Lacter 2001 Toys
Takeovers Are Part of the Game; Any Hot Toy Can Grow Up to Be a Unit of Mattel or Hasbro Dana Canedy 1999 Toys
More Trouble in Toyland Richard Stevenson 1987 Toys
A Grown-Up’s Winning Touch in Toy (Usually) Sandra Salamans 1985 Toys
Behind the Cabbage Patch Kids Philip Dougherty 1983 Toys
From Britain, It’s Legoland Brooks Barnes 2011 Theme Parks
Growth Abroad and in Amusement Parks Sam Phillips 2011 Theme Parks
Undeniable Attractions Danielle Drolet 2010 Theme Parks
The Smurfs Smurf Into China Laurie Burkitt 2010 Theme Parks
From Movie to Attraction: Arthur at the Futuroscope Kazachok 2009 Theme Parks
Dubailand – The Ultimate Destination Total Licensing 2009 Theme Parks
A Walk in the Park Josephine Collins 2008 Theme Parks
Modhesh: The Dubai Charater That’s Taking on the World! Total Licensing 2008 Theme Parks
Six Flag Go Into China Total Licensing 2008 Theme Parks