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LIMA and the Licensing Community Are Saving Lives!

Through the generosity of the licensing industry, over $4.8 million has been raised for Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation since 2004.  But until there is a cure, much work will remain…

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2013 Licensing Awards Ceremony Charity Video from LIMA and ERIK MOTTA… GET INSPIRED!!!

LIMA Cares: The CBTF Tissue Consortium

LIMA is committed to raising an additional $5 million in the next five years to fund the CBTF Tissue Consortium – a collaborative research effort by doctors from four hospitals working to analyze tissue samples. Through analysis, we will find the underlying causes of these cancers and be able to test treatments.

  • It costs $1000 to acquire and analyze one tissue sample.
  • $5 million will enable researchers to analyze 5000 samples.
  • $5 million will equal 5000 opportunities to save a child’s life.

The Tissue Consortium is exclusively funded by LIMA, with 100% of the money donated to CBTF going directly to this vital research. Without the generosity of the licensing community, the opportunity would not exist to find a cure for the deadliest children’s cancer.

Progress Report: For over two years the consortium has worked to bank tissue from the 130 different types of tumors.   In January of 2014, the first two research projects utilizing tissue from the consortium have been submitted.    These projects can start immediately with funding and will not have to wait to acquire tissue to conduct research. Since funding the institutions involved in the Tissue Consortium, tissue samples per patient available has increased by 500% 

How You Can Help “Save the Bravest”

Help us in our fight to save these brave fighters! Three ways you can make a donation today:

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