LIMA Webinar Series

 LIMA Webinar Series

Upcoming Webinars

4/20: Risk Assessment and Management
Susan Deragon, UL

5/5: Reframing How Brands Expand Globally
Pete Canalichio, Licensing Brands Inc.
Mark Di Somma, Audacity Group

5/18: The Third Wave of Retail
Raj B. Shroff, WD Partners


Webinar Archive

In addition to free access to upcoming webinars, LIMA members have full access to our archive of more than 70 past webinars! Simply sign in to the LIMA Members Only section to access the full archive!

Past webinars include:

  • Managing Social and Environmental Compliance
  • Turning Social Media Into E-Commerce
  • Valuing Your Brand
  • ABCs of Creating a Style Guide
  • Marketing to Teens & Tweens
  • Food & Beverage Licensing
  • Preparing Your Art for a Licensing Program
  • CPSIA Update
  • Making Strategic Sense of Social Media
  • Demystifying Market Research
  • Anatomy of a License Agreement
  • Linking Licensing with Cause Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Art Licensing: Business in Full Color
  • The Top 10 Issues Every Licensor and Licensee Should Watch Out For
  • How Social Media Can Help Build Your Business
  • Art Licensors’ Top 10 Mistakes
  • Licensing Reporting Risks and Red Flags
  • Presenting to Retail
  • Identifying & Leveraging a Brand’s Hidden Assets
  • How to Choose the Right License and Make It Work for You
  • Making a Celebrity Licensing Program Work
  • Best Practices in Adminiserting a Licensing Agreement
  • Unique Opportunities in Sports and Collegiate Licensing – Ohio State
  • Unique Opportunities in Sports and Collegiate Licensing – NBA
  • Anatomy of a License Agreement
  • Social Compliance Programs in Manufacturing
  • What Does the CPSIA Mean to Your Business?
  • Case Studies in Corporate Brand Licensing
  • Evaluating Licensed Properties