What Can You Expect to Get Out of LIMA’s Mind Mix?

Posted by Christian Fortmann, LL.M. on April 11, 2016

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LIMA Mind Mix®: what can you expect to get out of the event?

Have you ever had this common experience? Bring a bunch of people working in the licensing industry together in any given place, and you have a lively discussion about which property worked and why, where royalties are going, whether China is still the right place to manufacture, or whether 3D printing will change the toy industry? Yet, these discussions, as interesting as they are for everyone involved, never receive the room they deserve, never give you a chance to ask that one last question you always wanted to ask.

Mind Mix® wants to change exactly that. LIMA’s new Mind Mix® program is designed to be the platform where licensing professionals come to talk, to ask that very last question, and get an answer to it. It’s an opportunity to broaden their views and take a peek outside the licensing box:

  • Check the foundations of your understandings of why the legal side of the business is more than just a nuisance, and how you can turn problems into profits.
  • Discuss with your peers how to manage a brand even more successfully, and learn how others keep their licensees happy, beyond signing the deal.
  • Take a trip around the licensing globe, get an idea about the market mechanics in other territories, and finally receive an answer to the question of why France is not the UK, Germany is not Spain, and why your brand can fly here, but will die there.
  • Help design an education program for the next generation of licensing professionals, delivered in a framework that will attract the best and the brightest.
  • Find out what others have experienced in the digital cosmos, and whether social media is the new juggernaut of licensing, or whether it will remain Utopia forever, as recent surveys suggest.


There is so much to discuss, so much to learn, and so much to give. The roundtables are set. Let’s talk.
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Christian Fortmann, LL.M.

Christian Fortmann, LL.M.

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