#throwbackthursday – Remember This?

Posted by LIMA Marketing on August 25, 2016

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The licensing world is still smitten with all things 90s – and what’s not to love about the era that brought us everything from Friends to Pokemon to Tommy Hilfiger?  Our favorite brands are back – with a twist – and being rolled out in fun new ways.

Take, for instance, Nickelodeon, who is filling NYC retail concept store Story with a plethora of 90s Nick classics, including Rugrats, SpongeBob, Double Dare, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold! and more.  We paid a visit to Story last week and time warped back to Saturday morning cartoons with our favorite characters (and went for a spin on the Double Dare wheel! #bucketlist)

LIMA is having a #throwbackthursday moment, collecting all the fun things we’re seeing on the consumer products landscape:

Collage 1
Left:  Adidas is back with a vengeance at Topshop
Top Right: Whether you’re “on the Go” or just remembering Pokemon fondly, stop by Forever 21 for this adorable ringer tee
Bottom Right: Bring back those little girl dreams with Hot Topic’s Little Mermaid bedding!

Collage 2
Top Left: Lisa Frank is making her way beyond our backpacks and into our wardrobes!
Top Right: Right in time for Labor Day – Rugrats bathing suit at Story!
Bottom Left: All things 90s wouldn’t be complete without Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, Lil, SpongeBob and Patrick!
Bottom Right: Take a trip to Angel Grove via Hot Topic with these Power Rangers tees!