The UK Licensing Awards 2012

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on September 13, 2012

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Tuesday night saw the UK’s licensing industry gathered together for The Licensing Awards 2012.

Awards ceremonies are a fascinating affair. Deciding how and where to stage such an event has to be done whilst calculating potential attendance numbers. Attendance will be heavily affected by the scope of the awards, so the prizes on offer need also be taken into consideration at an early stage. The UK awards is their present form, managed and organised by Max Publishing, have now been successfully established for some years. The format is undoubtedly popular and well received by the trade here, and, increasingly, by international visitors. Even so, we know that careful thought is given each year about how to enhance the experience for ticket buyers, awards candidates and sponsors, each of whom has different needs from such an evening. Our congratulations go to each and every Award winner, a full list of whom can be found here: I would just like to mention the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, David Aykroyd of the eponymous apparel manufacturer and the late Pauline Lonsdale, his long-term colleague who was much loved. Hardly a dry eye in the house for this one.

Jeremy Saul of ITB360 is congratulated on the Best Brand award for Orla Kiely

What can be said with certainty is that The Licensing Awards is genuinely a fun evening. Around 1300 people attended at the Grosvenor House ballroom, and were treated to some specially made films and animations contributed by sponsors which gently poked fun at the industry and some of its individuals. Especially notable this year was a spoof episode of Coronation Street ( for non-UK readers, this is the longest-running TV soap opera here dating back to the 1960s ) and featuring a host of UK licensing folk in lead and supporting roles. The usual late finish ensued, as our industry is in the habit of not wanting a party to end – Olympics overhang, perhaps? Well done Ian and Jakki for another great night.