The Royal Wedding 2011 – will we get any official merchandise?

Posted by Kelvyn Gardner on November 19, 2010

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So the UK has a new Royal wedding to look forward to, and thus, forward-looking LIMA members have been contacting me this week to ask about official rights for merchandise to celebrate the nuptials. You will probably not be surprised to learn that such matters have to be dealt with in writing, and no-one at Buckingham Palace was able to advise me by telephone as to policy in this area. I have, accordingly, written to the palace today, and I will report back when I have the official line. There are some general guidelines as to the use of royal insignia to be found on, the official Website of the British Monarchy, but the guidelines do not refer to the wedding.

I really do hope that we get a constructive response. The press is bound to latch onto any rubbish that gets produced – and, let’s face it, there is bound to be a lot of rubbish produced. If LIMA members can produce items of quality that send funds back to the Palace – probably to go into their charity fund-raising basket – it will give us a postive tale to tell. We’re fortunate that The Royal Mint, producer of the UK’s currency – banknotes and coins – recently joined LIMA. At least one member, therefore, has already announced some official Royal Engagement celebratory coins which will be at the quality end of this market. Let’s hope we can do our bit to raise the standard.