The Journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas ´16

Posted by on July 08, 2016

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The journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas is a trip that everyone related or interested in the Brands, Licences, and Characters should do at least one time in their life. Why? The answer is simple, it is a place where you can find the larges amount of companies, characters and agents from the licensing sector around the globe gathering together with a goal in common: To promote its products and brands and develop the licensing business which is a  great tool to increase product sales.

Being my first time as an attendee at Licensing Show Las Vegas, the expectations and enthusiasm were huge, also because this time I was also part of the Pavilion of one of the countries with more market develop potential.

When arriving at the show, a day prior in order to do all the proper installation and set up of the Pavilion stands, we could se why this show has a great impact to the visitors.

Big size booths, trendy designs, brands and characters who I can tell as iconic (at least for me because growing up with them) and the energetic vibe from the exhibitors getting everything ready for the show.


The first day of Licensing Show Las Vegas begins with the opening doors of the exhibition floor, while the route of the aisles awaits with everything set up and all the reflectors ready for the arrival of the visitors who are in its general profile, business men, buyers, retailers, marketing executives, designers and licensing related executives.


Doing a walk throughout the aisles of the show with a good coffee in hand, right after leaving every detail ready at our Mexico Pavilion to show our unique brands and licenses, the exhibition floor looks like a complete success. All the expectation from weeks before had come true and all the licensing options in the show surprises pretty much everyone at the Convention Center.

A great number of agencies, characters, new trends, among others, makes to the visitor a great hunt for their new market sales hit.

The walk is long but colorful, and the diverse pavilions from different countries with fresh proposals creates in combination with the most reknown companies a versatile speech of the licensing possibilities of brands and the immense advantages for the different international current markets.


Once, finishing the walk throughout all the show and taking a look at the activities that complement the Expo, such as the conferences, the awards ceremony, the continuous networking and the non-stop business meetings scenarios, I realized why Licensing Las Vegas is the most interesting event in the Licensing industry and why being part of this experience at least once is a main part of the formation in the global Licensing Industry as a professional.

A great memory from this show is that during the 3 day event, (plus one day of montage and another of dismontage) everyone from visitors, exhibitors, speakers, and every person involved in the show was eating, drinking and dreaming “Licensing”. Going through all their possibilities, the options, the realities, the complexities, the compromises, the obstacles, the success, the perspectives and every single one of this thoughts sheltered by a city that “Licensing” is a continues reality in each corner.

The journey to Licensing Show Las Vegas is long and takes a lot of work, personal and professional wise, but at the return from it the impact and the reflexion are very strong and the vision is clear for our current market, of course with all the obstacles that we must overcome.

In a final note, all this reflection and the impact we positively achieved during our visit to the Licensing Show as the result of our participation during the expo and the show itself was a great success.