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Why The 1990s Are Back In A Big Way This Holiday Season

This post originally appeared on Children of the 90s may get a sense of déjà vu at toy and apparel stores this holiday season, as the cartoon and pop culture icons that defined their formative years are back with a vengeance. We’ve already seen the beginnings of the trend, from the revival of the Harry Potter franchise at the


Earnings Report: Year-ago Star Wars, Frozen Sales Create Difficult Comparisons for Disney Consumer Products

Income for Disney’s Consumer Products and Interactive Media division, up against tough comparisons with year-earlier sales of Star Wars and Frozen merchandise, will plunge 20% in fiscal Q1 (which ends at the end of the current calendar year), but recover to post growth for the full year, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy told analysts late Thursday. The downturn would be on

Marty Brochstein

Halloween Brings Pop Culture Knocking on the Front Door

This article originally appeared in Halloween is like a deep dive into the pop culture mindset. All you have to do is open your front door to trick-or-treaters, or attend a Halloween party to see what’s resonating with consumers today. Preschool characters, superheroes, videogame protagonists, movie and comic book villains, political figures, life-size candy bars and more will be


Did You Know…

Licensing is a marketing and brand extension tool widely used by everyone from major corporations to the smallest of businesses. Entertainment, sports and fashion are the areas of licensing most readily apparent to consumers, but this global business reaches into the worlds of corporate brands, art, publishing, colleges and non-profit groups, to name a few. Did You Know… Home Décor

Tony Bugg

The Relevance of Local Market Leadership

LIMA ticked over its 30th year in 2015 and, over more recent years, the membership base has continued to show positive growth internationally. To this end, more than half of our members now reside outside of North America. We now have local offices in the UK, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico and here in Australia. We also have professional representation in

Utku Tansel

Experiential Licensing Brings Brand New Cross-Industry Prospects

As I explore in our “Experiential Licensing: Consumer Fundamentals Falling into Place” Global Briefing, today’s consumers are increasingly redefining their values and priorities, leading to the birth of a new consumerism. “Experiencing is everything” phenomenon is driving growth in sports/music licensing and theme parks/themed travel. Thus, themed flights/holidays, themed hotels and cruises enjoy growing popularity. This trend also presents many

Nick Manzo

YPN Blog: My First Licensing Expo

The licensing industry is a melting pot filled with diverse professionals, brands, and characters – but also teeming with young talent ready to make their mark on the licensing world. Before these young professionals can make their claim as a true licensing veteran, though, there is one rite of passage any licensing professional must make: attending the annual LIMA Licensing

Stuart Gibson

Owning and Controlling Your Brand

Picture this. You own and control the rights to Sporting Network Pty Ltd, a fictitious leading sports cable network with a fantastic array of licensed merchandise. You are based in the U.S. Because of explosive growth in sports globally, fuelled by a competitive market in cable T.V. and on-demand viewing, you have broad opportunities to license merchandise into countries all

Oliver Herzfeld

Tackling Unlicensed Uses Of Players’ Personas In Video Games

This article originally appeared in Forbes. Written by Oliver Herzfeld, Marc Melzer and Jared Mermelstein With the academic year and new NCAA football season well underway, and the Supreme Court’s decision whether to hear the appeal in O’Bannon v. NCAA expected in late September or early October, it is an ideal time for us to look at the challenging intellectual property questions

Jessica Blue

Working with US Government to Grow the Licensing Industry

Getting the call from the International Buyer Program (IBP) administrators in Washington DC to tell me that we had been accepted into the IBP Select program was a joyous moment. It marked a three year journey of discovery for me. The IBP Program is a joint government-industry effort that brings thousands of international buyers to the U.S. for business-to-business matchmaking